How awesome

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Rider Sinbin’s scar rapidly sheds through his face, constantly running up and down like a lightning bolt. Underneath lies two monstrous eyes.  If you stare into his pupils for too long you can see the devil. His mouth stands quiet, while talking is easy. But when his mouth opens his white teeth shine like an angel.

He runs and plays with his niece and nephew.
“Let's do sprints! Ready… set… go!”
Running, running, and more running.
“Hey wait for me.” As he runs his leg flick up and hit him in the bum. His heart beats out of his chest, ba boom, ba boom, ba boom.

When he walks down the street people go “Wow, I wish I was him, it would be to be awesome if I was his friend.” All his mates wear different  clothes every day, and his mum and dad live in their own private mansion. Ever since he was a kid, people knew him from for how good he was at sports. His favorite sport is rugby.

He loves his country so he went to war. But people always wondered how he got his scar. The truth was never really found, but everyone still thought he was really cool.

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