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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

My speech was named “gender sports” because people get judged on what sport they play and it is a problem for some people. I    learnt lots about other sports while writing this speech and how it affects lots of people. I was learning how to structure a speech like how it starts with a rhetorical question and how to finish the speech. I think that my speech flows really well and all my ideas connect to the point of view and show factual information. I used several language devices to persuade the audience. I was taught to use the power of there and good ways to hook people into my story, and imperatives. For example, “Picture this I’m in a evil place that goes by the name school. See what I did there? I hooked you in just like that.
I was nervous performing speech but I was relieved once it was done.
click here to lessen to my speech., or you can read it below.

Can you think of a girls sport? Maybe it’s netball, ballet, or synchronized swimming.  Or how about a boy’s sport? It could be rugby, boxing, or even american football.

Now is gymnastics a boy’s or girl’s sport? Think about it. Is there  really such thing as a boys sport and a girls sport? It’s really only that most boys prefer to play rugby and most girls prefer to play netball or ballet. These are opinions that lots of people have. Putting labels on people can stop our world's best sports players who could have turned into people like dan carter, valerie adams lidia co and more. It’s when people say “why do you play this sport it’s for girl’s or it’s for guys.” Then they might decide that they don't want to play this sport any more. A sport that can be judged in many different ways is gymnastics. Some people say that girls should only do this sport or I bet it's not that hard. Lots of arguments and people changing sport can come from these comments. I can relate because I have seen people experience these nasty comments and they didn't walk away very happy. 
But the bad thing is when this happens most people just carry on with their day. These are life changing moments people and it all  depends on are you going to stand up for them or just leave them in tears thinking about the nasty comments, trying to change themselves. People's lives can change by a simple word it could be in a good way or bad. Life gets hard when You think you have to hide your sport because you don’t want to get judged.

I hate it when people say these comments and how it makes them feel good after. My mum and dad once told me TREAT PEOPLE the same way you want to be treated. I know this is only a saying but if you really think about it it can really make a difference. I have some information that you can use if you ever notice someone doing this. You could say put yourself in their shoes, Why are you doing this? What did they ever do or say to you? or I bet you have a secret of you own. When you stick up for someone it will not only make them feel better but you as well. Sport has there ups and downs but when you love that sport so much you won't care what anyone says. But at any time you struggle just look for a friend.

One of my friends was at a hockey practices at a local park and a man walked by saying ‘dumb hockey players that game sucks its for girls.’ My friend felt really angry and it stopped him from having a good practice.

Sport is great because if we didn't exercise in a way that we enjoied we would all be fat and unhappy. But if you say they shouldn't play this specific sport just because they are a girl or a boy then you should have a long think. Sport is what keeps us fit and healthy but if you comment on what sport we play and it stops us, you could create a big problem.

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