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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Doing back flip of swing

This isn't good!
I wake up and all my friends are running around the camp site. They move rapidly towards the swings. Joe went and did a backflip off the swing.  So I say “teach me how to do that!” 
“OK” says Joe, “When you get to the front of the swing, just lean back.” 

At that point I feel like it's going to be to easy, so I get on and start swinging. I am at a good height now, so I lean back. I did it! My legs were doing who knows what but i still did it. That feeling when you land it is just awesome. 

A few turns later I’m doing them really well so I start doing backflips with straight legs. First try I do it perfectly. I start to try do the backflips while twisting. Then we have a dumb idea, but I still try it anyway. The dumb idea is to do it off the back of the swing.

I feel so nervous but no one can know. So I get on and I start swinging. 
I let go, lean back and say to myself ‘I'm gonna make it, I'm gonna make it…’ 
Bang! My face is covered in dirt, it's all scratched up but I still don't cry. I feel petrified! I clean myself up and continue my day. Now I have to try and build up my confidence to try it again.

By Xavier

My reflection…

In this piece of writing I learnt to write in the present tense, to have only one ‘and’ in every sentence, and write about one emotion. I wanted the reader to know I was writing about a sad/scared emotion.
I went well I because I put my writing in the present tense and my punctuation in all my sentences. To show the reader I was scared I said “I feel so nervous but no one can know.”

My next step is to use more descriptive words in my writing. To do that a will look in the dictionary, thesaurus or bright sparks book.


  1. I remember this on camp... looked like it hurt! You've created a great story here Xavier, awesome. I like how you tell us how you're feeling, but also that you don't want to show it! Many of us have experienced that feeling before I think.

  2. It's really good Xavier I love it i like the way how you describe the scene and how it felt to do a back flip off a swing and I like your reflection as well because you said that you where trying to use the present tense. It's really good

  3. Nice poem Xavier I like it when you say"I'm so nervous but no one can know "
    It relates to me because I tried it but failed!